5 Things I Want My Kids to Know

5 Things I Want My Kids to Know

Being a parent is stressful. But being a parent is also fulfilling. SO fulfilling. There is just something magical about taking this tiny little infant and raising them into a person who is going to be a part of the world soon… on their OWN.

Okay, that last part seems a little scary. I don’t want to picture my kids being out there on their own, but I think (I hope?!) I’m doing a good job preparing them for what lies ahead. There are some things they should know before heading out there. Here are 5 Things I Want My Kids to Know.

5 Things I Want My Kids to Know

You Can Do It

Don’t live your life based on other peoples expectations of you – good or bad. Be who YOU are. And DO it. You CAN do it. Don’t let their negative ideals define who you are.

Losh downtown Bald Knob
Losh downtown Bald Knob, Arkansas
You are Loved and Supported

I might not appreciate all the decisions you make, but I love you and support you. I will be there to cheer you on and encourage you to chase after your dreams.

Abby, Losh, and Kaia photo by Aduke Schulist Photography
Abby, Losh, and Kaia photo by Aduke Schulist Photography
Pick Yourself Up

There will be hard times. There will be times when you want to give up. There will be times when you fall. Pick yourself up. Don’t wait around for other people to come to your rescue. Appreciate those bad moments for the lessons they teach.

Find Your Tribe

Don’t ever feel like you are alone in this world. There are so many out there who think like you and believe what you do. Find these people. Embrace them and let them embrace you.

Abby sitting in the waiting room at therapy
Abby sitting in the waiting room at therapy
Be Fearless

There will be times when you are scared. There will be moments that terrify you. Be fearless. You are so powerful.  Don’t let fear weigh you down or hold you back. Go for what you want.

Kaia at downtown Bald Knob
Kaia at downtown Bald Knob, Arkansas

These are just 5 Things I Want My Kids to Know.. I could do posts like these every single day and still not tell them everything I think is important. If you have kids, what are some things you want them to know?

Benefits of Hiring a Micro Blogger or Social Media Influencer

Benefits of Hiring a Micro Blogger or Social Media Influencer

If you are looking to hire a micro blogger or social media influencer but aren’t sure if you would benefit from their service, then you have come to the right place. With the whole Elle Darby thing recently, I realized that a lot of people either don’t understand what a blogger does, or they don’t see how bloggers can be beneficial to a brand.

Bloggers are where it’s at right now.

What is a Blogger or Social Media Influencer?

First of all, not all social media influencers have a blog, but nearly all bloggers have social medial accounts. Some bloggers have hobby blogs with no intention of ever making money from them. It is my opinion that these hobby bloggers are what people generally think of when the word bloggers comes to mind.

Blogging is more than just writing things on the internet. Even hobby bloggers put a lot of effort into their blogs. A lot of work goes into creating a post, taking and editing pictures for said post, running multiple social media accounts and handling all the behind the scenes work. On top of there there is dealing with themes and updates, negotiating and signing contracts, traveling, researching, and for food bloggers; perfecting recipes. While the hours may not be conventional, blogging is a full time job for many people.

Benefits of Hiring a Micro Blogger or Social Media Influencer

Bloggers who make money from their blogs pay taxes and file tax returns. If that’s not a legit job, then I don’t know what is 😉

What is a Micro Blogger?

Blogging is a numbers game. Brands are interested in how many followers a blogger has and what their reach is. Most companies prefer to work with influencers with large reaches for obvious reasons. Companies who are just starting out, or small local businesses may prefer Micro Influencers.

A Micro Influencer is a blogger or social media influencer whose audience is between 1,000 to 10,000 followers. This may vary of course. Some influencers have as few as 500 followers, or even as many as 50,000. These may seem like huge numbers, but these followers are typically targeted followers who have similar interests. For example, followers of a nail artist would be interested in nail polish and skin care. Followers of a skateboarder would be interested in gear and boards.

December IPSY Referral Rewards
This blogger often shares beauty products.

Hiring huge celebrities may seem appealing, but advertising to an audience who doesn’t have a similar interest – except for the interest in the celebrity – would be like hiring the skateboarder to promote nail polish.

Micro influencers often have a large portion of their followers based where they live, so small businesses benefit from hiring local bloggers to promote their local business.

Networks, Sponsors, and Ambassadorships

I participate in a few networks that frequently have job opportunities for bloggers. These range from reviewing products to attending events, to even sharing information on social media. All of these fall under the job of a blogger or social media influencer.

Yummy treats from Wildflour Bakery located in Searcy Arkansas
Attending a local event.

Companies who are interested in hiring a blogger can go through one of these networks in order to find bloggers to hire. These influencers are often vetted and have previous experience.

Jobs range from a one time deal, to an ongoing sponsor/ambassadorship. This is especially beneficial to brands who require frequent visits from their customers.

Benefits of Micro-Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

Targeted audience – Brands benefit from the blogger’s targeted audience. Make up brands hire beauty bloggers. Hotel companies hire travel bloggers. It makes sense to advertise to your targeted audience.

Relatable – Fashion bloggers are real people who aren’t typically airbrushed and slimmed down in photographs. The average person can see how the outfit sits on an average person. Food bloggers feed their creations to their family. Bloggers are everyday people who are relatable.

Honest reviews – Most bloggers only share products they genuinely love. This doesn’t mean they haven’t tried some less than stellar products, but most bloggers only want to share the best of the best.

Affordable – Micro influencers tend to be more affordable than their counterparts. This isn’t to say that micro influencers do or should work for free. If your intention is to “hire” a blogger for free, then this may not be the best route for you. But if you are ready to work with a micro influencer, congratulations! You have made a great decision.

Benefits of Hiring a Micro Blogger or Social Media Influencer

There you have it, the benefits of hiring a micro blogger and social media influencer.

The next time you need some help promoting your business or product ask yourself if a micro influencer is the choice for you. 

Get To Know Me + My Personal Reading Challenge

Get To Know Me + My Personal Reading Challenge

Hey guys! It’s me again. But who exactly is the “me” here? I know some of you are new, so I first wanted to say THANK YOU all for reading my blog and following me on this journey through life. I also wanted to reintroduce myself and tell you some fun facts about me before I move onto My Personal Reading Challenge.

Aduke Schulist - Photography at Riverside Park Searcy Arkansas Aduke Schulist at Riverside Park Searcy Arkansas Aduke Schulist Photography at Searcy Arkansas

  • I am Courtney AKA Aduke – the girl behind the blog.
  • I am 32 years old, never married, and live in Central Arkansas.
  • I have 3 children and all of them were born early. I homeschool them.
  • I joined the Mormon church when I was 22 years old.
  • I dream of climbing Mt. Everest and running a 100 mile race – but I haven’t ran much lately due to health problems.
  • I love playing PC games with my kids like Minecraft and Diablo.
  • I love all things girly and glamorous even though I am super casual and will go days at a time without even wearing makeup.
  • I have been a vlogger* for over 4 years and STILL get nervous in front of the camera. *my vlog channel. 
  • I studied Criminal Justice in college and have never used my degree. I am a semi-pro photographer and a full-time content creator.

Now that you know a little more about me, I’d love to learn something new about you. Share something interesting about you in the comments.

Personal Reading Challenge

My Personal Reading Challenge for 2018 by Aduke Schulist - Arkansas Life and Beauty blogger

Moving along, I wanted to discuss my reading challenge for this year. I have participated in reading challenges the past few years and it has helped me find new authors and genres that I probably wouldn’t have read otherwise.

This year I’m doing it a little different. In the past the reading challenges have been long lists containing books to read like a book with a blue cover, a self-help book, a book published in the current year, etc. There’s only 5 things on my list this year:

1. Don’t Finish Bad Books

I am always expecting a bad book to get better and other find myself finishing bad books. This year, if a book sucks I’m letting myself put it away and move on to something that I enjoy more.

2. Find a New Favorite Author

I finished 21 books in January and think I am on to a new favorite author already.

3. Read a New Series

I tend to shy away from series. With that said, I read  CJ Box’s Joe Picket series and really liked it. Dare I say I think I want to read a sci-fi series.

4. Read More about My Hobbies and Career

I read for pleasure and reading to learn things just feels school-ish to me. I usually read short articles online when I want to learn something about either of these. I think there is so much information to be had in book form though, so I want to read more for educational purposes.

5. Read a Classic

We all have our favorites. Classics aren’t one of mine. Because of this, there are so many classics that I have never read. I’d like to read a classic or two or three this year.

Do you set reading goals or participate in reading challenges?
What is something fun/interesting about you?

Top Netflix Picks

Top Netflix Picks

I can’t stand the sound of silence. In my house you will always hear music playing or see a show on in the background. If I’m in my bedroom, it tends to be the TV. Because of this, I watch a LOT of Netflix shows. Here are my Top Netflix Picks for the past few weeks:

Top Netflix Picks for January 2018

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach on Netflix Picks

I grew up watching Rescue 911, Cops, and Baywatch. Bondi Beach is like all of those combined. I used to want to be a lifeguard, and watching this is like living vicariously through them.

47 Meters Down

47 Meters Down on Netflix Picks

Two girls get trapped 47 meters under the sea after the shark cage they are in disconnects from the boat. Will they run out of air before they are saved? I love scary movies and this thriller is one of those that is a scary situation, but nothing that makes me want to check under my bed and sleep with the lights on.


Rotten on Netflix Picks

I binge watched these. It looks into different aspects of the food industry and how things aren’t always as they seem. I think my favorite one was the one about chickens, but maybe because I could relate to some of it. If you ever eat any food, then you should watch this.. So basically, everybody should see it.

Animal Airport

Animal Airport on Netflix Picks Holding an Animal from Animal Airport on Netflix Picks

I don’t know what it is about those border security shows that I find so interesting, but I am pretty sure I have seen every one of them. I could do an entire Netflix Picks post just on those shows.. At first, I didn’t think I would watch the animal one.. How interesting could it be watching animals go through an airport? Apparently, it is pretty darn interesting.

Next up: The Open House

The Open House on Netflix Picks

A family moves into a relative’s empty home and weird things start to happen. I watched the preview one night and decided I should probably watch this one during the day. I’m a big scaredy cat at night after watching horror films like this.

Have you seen any of these Netflix Picks?
What have you been watching on Netflix lately? 

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18 New Experiences in 2018

18 New Experiences in 2018

I want to do a lot of new things in 2018, but first… did you see my 2018 Goals and Word of the  Year post? If not, this post may not make as much sense. If you didn’t, my 2018 Word of the Year is NEW.

How cliche, right?

One part of being new means having NEW experiences. Here are 18 new experiences I want to do in 2018.

18 NEW Experiences in 2018 - A list of things to do by Aduke Schulist

Visit a place I’ve never been before
– I have a few in mind and they are all out of state.

Create a family vision board
– The kids will get involved with this. It’s always fun to see their ideas and goals for our family.

Hike a new trail
– There are some local ones I have never been to!

Hiking Trail at Boy Scout Camp
Hiking Trail at Boy Scout Camp

Try 18 new recipes
– This one should be easy enough!

Take a spin class
– I am dreading this one. Hard cycling isn’t a workout I enjoy. I’m more of a casual cycler.

Try aerial yoga
– I’m intrigued here, but so nervous! What if I fall on my face?!

Read a classic
– There are so many I’ve never read.

See a show
– Any recommendations?

Write a will
– Is this morbid? I really need to get this one done.

Plant some flowers
– My yard is so ugly. Plus, Abby’s 4-H Project is Gardening & Horticulture. This will help us both out.

Have a cookie party
– Mmm! Cookies! I love baking (and eating) cookies and love sharing them with other people, so I feel like this is a win all around and I’ll even get some new cookie recipes.

Learn meditation
– Guided meditation is probably where I will begin.

Get a massage
– I can feel the stress melting away now.

Massage Table at Rejuvenation Day Spa
Massage Table at Rejuvenation Day Spa

Start a compost pile
– It will probably end up as a chicken food pile.

Try a new restaurant
– A new BBQ place opened up here recently. It will be the first.

Paint something on canvas
– I’m thinking something holiday related so I don’t have to stare at it all year-long and critique my lack of artistic skills.

Climb a mountain
– A little mountain. There’s a mountain near here I’ve never climbed. It would totally count as my “Hike a new trail” goal too.

Play a new game with the family
– I really want to take the kids to an Escape Room, but will probably settle for a new board game. I’m not sure the younger ones would be able to get through an Escape Room.

What are some new experiences you want to have in 2018? Have you created a 2018 Bucket List?