January & February 2017 Blog Report

January & February Blog Report

Are you comfortable sharing your income with the entire world? I’m not! But, I am all about accountability and progress. I know it’s a trend in the blogging world to share income and traffic reports and while I’m not quite comfortable sharing income reports yet, I thought it would be fun (and a great way to track progress) to share a general blog report.

I will be sharing these bi-monthly along with my goals for the upcoming months. Because this is my first one I am sharing a little bit more. Let’s see how I did with my first blog report…

January & February Blog Report by Aduke Schulist

By the Numbers:

2016’s Numbers:
Blog Created: September 23, 2016
# of Blog Posts in 2016: 11
# of comments in 2016: 21
# of sponsored posts: 1
# of views: 1,088

January’s Numbers:
# of Posts: 2
# of comments: 21
# of sponsored posts: 0
# of views: 152

February’s Numbers:
# of Posts: 4
# of comments: 3
# of sponsored posts: 0
# of views: 302

Note-worthy Happenings:

At the end of February, I did a slight re-vamp of my blog, making it more user-friendly and doing some customizations to my theme.

I streamlined my images, not only making them easier to create, but also matching my branding.

Blog Posts Worth Mentioning

We announced we are adopting in: We are… ADOPTING! – Single Mom Adoption

..and answered some questions that stemmed from that announcement in: What Are You Adopting? (And other questions answered)

I shared the start of a DIY project in: DIY Laundry Room Makeover (In Progress)

and created a new series answering some questions single moms always get in: How Do I Do It? Financially? #SingleMom #Budget

Social Media Followers:

I made no attempts to grow my social media following professionally other than using social media on a personal level. I did reach a YouTube milestone. Our channel (where we started regularly posting videos in November of 2013) reached 1,000 subscribers. While I do generate an income from YouTube, I do not put any professional effort into it and am very humbled by each and every one of those subscribers who find interest in our daily life happenings.

YouTube: 1,024
Facebook: 1,141
Twitter: 759
Instagram: 1,945
Pinterest: 793

March & April Goals

As far as my March and April goals, I hope to:

  • Post at least 6 times (each month)
  • Double my page views (from February)
  • Get at least 60 comments (each month)
  • Increase my social media following
  • Use Pinterest more

Are you a blogger who does income or blog reports? I’d love to see yours. Feel free to share them in the comments. 



Author: Aduke Schulist

Aduke Schulist is a 30 something content creator living in the heart of Arkansas. She enjoys blogging, vlogging, and spending way too much time on social media. Aduke is a big fan of true crime documentaries and advocating for people with special needs. You can find Aduke on social media as @AdukeSchulist.

24 thoughts on “January & February 2017 Blog Report”

  1. I love this idea. I’m a private person. So I understand what you mean I’m not comfortable sharing my income. But this is a great way to engage with others will staying motivated.

    1. Yes! I am a private person, but also very curious. I love reading how others are doing and what works for them, so it was only fair I could share part of that with my audience.

    1. I felt like it was a whole lot easier to do this on my “new” blog here than on my well established blog. I felt like my low numbers are justified by it being a semi-new blog with not much work having been put into it.

  2. Way to go!! You are doing great!! Congrats on the Adoption! I hope you blog continues to grow and expand! Keep up the good work!

  3. I need to do this! I just started in February and already am behind in tracking my figures and goals. Keep going! You can hit your goals!

  4. I also don’t feel comfortable sharing my blogging income, but I think it’s important to do so to motivate other bloggers. You did a great job. Keep it up!

  5. I have not done the blog income reports although I love to read other peoples I will never post mine. I come from a house where I was taught to never discuss how much I make, maybe I am afraid to jinx it. I do love to see how other blogs grow, keep up the good work!

  6. I need to do a goal post. Congrats on the Adoption it must be such an excitinga time for your family.

  7. What a great idea to give a brief summary of the month! Isn’t it amazing to look back and think .. “Wow, we really did accomplish a lot!”

  8. This is amazing, thanks for sharing your blog goals. My January and February were pretty good, received a good amount of traffic with fewer posts.

  9. Ohh I love this type of blog report! I don’t generally talk about my overall blog reports, but maybe i should – even if it’s just for me. You’re doing so amazing!

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