March & April 2017 Blog Goals & Report

March & April Blog Report

About 2 months ago, I shared my first ever blog report. In it, I told you guys how I was coming along with this “new” blog and some of the goals I had for the upcoming months. I’m here today to update again and set some more goals.

March started off strong. I had my plan all laid out and must say I stuck to it pretty well.. and then came April and everything went downhill. I had a plan to update with a new post every 4th day. Between writing and promoting the posts that I updated, I was busy! I definitely saw progress though.

Then in April, I didn’t follow the “post every 4th day” schedule I had intended. I missed posting 5 times that month, but still saw a good amount of engagement considering I had half the amount of posts.

March & April Blog Goals and Report


March’s Numbers:
# of Posts: 8 (+5)
# of comments: 127
# of sponsored posts: 1
# of views: 430 (+128)

April’s Numbers:
# of Posts: 4 (-4)
# of comments: 93
# of sponsored posts: 0
# of views: 306 (-124)

Blog Posts Worth Mentioning

In March, my daughter started attending a weight loss clinic. It has helped our entire family take a look at our choices and make healthier ones.

I attended a sponsored event at the Outlets of Little Rock with some fellow bloggers. Who wouldn’t love to get paid to drink Starbucks and shop?!

Then, in April I posted an informative article about the Fertility Awareness Method and how I use it as birth control.

And finally, I revealed my DIY Laundry Room Reveal using items from the Dollar Tree and Big Lots.

Social Media Followers:

I’m going to be honest here.. I’m a little bummed at the lack of progress across my social media platforms. In fact, I went backwards on some of these! I am mostly bummed about Instagram. I put a lot of effort into my Instagram, sharing some of the best images at the most ideal times, and LOST followers. Ugh!

Regarding Twitter: I used to follow everybody who followed me, but then realized I didn’t want to be spammed with blog links / sponsored content every time I went on there. It ultimately led me to using Twitter less and less because I just wasn’t interested in those who I was following and was no longer enjoying it. I cleaned up my list and “unfollowed” a lot of people which led to them unfollowing me also. I really have no problem with that as I’d rather have those who are truly interested in my content as followers and not those that are just there for a follow.

So, here is what my numbers looked like from the end of February until now.

YouTube: 1,024 / 1069 (+45)
Facebook: 1,141 / 1145 (+4)
Twitter: 759 / 741 (-18)
Instagram: 1,945 / 1935 (-10)
Pinterest: 793 / 794 (+1)

Total gain: 50

March & April Goal Check-Up

My goals were:

  • Post at least 6 times (each month)
    • FAIL. I was *this.close* to making this one.
  • Double my page views (from February)
    • FAIL. I was on track in March, but slacked off in April.
  • Get at least 60 comments (each month)
    • SUCCESS! I went beyond this goal.
  • Increase my social media following
    • SUCCESS! Even though I lost followers, my total amount increased, so I am considering this one a win.
  • Use Pinterest more
    • SUCCESS! I’m not sure if this will show on my next report, but I have been using pinterest more and more.

Additionally, I had a goal to create a media kit, and update my privacy policy and disclosure policy which I completed. All in all, I would say not too bad.

May & June Goals

I know we are already nearing the end of May, but humor me here.. These are the goals I have set for May and June.

  • Make my blog a priority! Life has been super busy in other areas and I haven’t set aside enough time to really do what I’ve wanted to with my blog. Now that some things are taken care of (I’m looking at you chicken coop!) I have more time to give to my blog.
  • Continue working on increasing social media following
  • Reach out to a few brands about collaborating
  • Network with other bloggers
  • Guest post on another blog

That about wraps it up. I can’t say I’m disappointed with my progress, especially given the effort I put into it, but I am hoping that May and June look a little better.

Curious what my blog report from January & February looked like? You can see it here.  

Author: Aduke Schulist

Aduke Schulist is a 30 something content creator living in the heart of Arkansas. She enjoys blogging, vlogging, and spending way too much time on social media. Aduke is a big fan of true crime documentaries and advocating for people with special needs. You can find Aduke on social media as @AdukeSchulist.

16 thoughts on “March & April 2017 Blog Goals & Report”

  1. Blogging and social media networking are tough stuff! I get disappointed, too, when my numbers go down. I have learned to not sweat it too much because the numbers always balance out in the end. It does motivate me to keep posting quality content and photographs. I think you’re doing pretty good, honestly. Keep working hard! You’ll reach your goals.

  2. On Instagram, it’s across the board. They changed some algorithm and we are all suffering. No one seems to be getting likes, engagement or new followers 🙁

    1. What’s frustrating to me is that the followers I was/am losing are people who were previously well engaged and no ghost or spam followers, so I’m wondering what has changed that they are no longer interested.

  3. Good luck with your goals! It’s tough to build social media accounts I’m finding. I try my best, but sometimes the numbers just don’t budge much.

  4. I attend a weight loss clinic too! I look at it as a constructive thing, not destructive: I love my body, so I want to be good to it. Healthy weight, exercise, nutrition, etc, it’s just another form of self love!

  5. One thing about having a blog is always make sure you have goals. Having a post like this definitely make you work even harder.
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  6. I hope you accomplish all of your goals. I suck, I never set blog goals, that way if I fail at them I won’t have failed at all, lol. Social media is so hard to figure out sometimes.

  7. I am happy you are making attempts to grow your blog. I have been blogging for years and I still have bigger goals so keep going!

  8. Your goals are amazing and really inspire me to get to work on my blog. I need to so something like this for accountability.

  9. It has been so hectic and we move this month so I am dying for normalcy and back to a working blog schedule. I am all over the place right now with mine

  10. I need to sit down and make a plan as well. This last month has been a super busy one and I have also slacked. Setting goals is an absolute must. Thank you for motivating me!

  11. These are great goals and your blog is well put together! This post is great for us all because even the most seasoned bloggers can get a few organizational tips from this. Love it!

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