Get Down Downtown 2016 – Outdoor Festival

Get Down Downtown 2016

Street Festivals and vendor events are one of my favorite things ever! I adore getting to know new businesses and people in my community and supporting their hustle. Our local community members work hard farming, crafting, designing, cooking, baking, and more in order to bring us some of the best items available in town to the yearly Get Down Downtown outdoor festival.

2016 Get Down Downtown


Recently, our town held a street festival called Get Down Downtown and invited people from all over to showcase their talents and goods. Here is just a small sampling of what we experienced.

Entertainment & Activities:

The main attraction was the stage set up for local and big-name entertainers. As night time approached, the crowd grew larger, coming to see performers such as Keith Anderson, The Nobility, Edge Nation, Tristan McIntosh, and Waterproof Mascara.

Get Down Downtown - Street Festival - Vendor Event 2016

There was no shortage of entertainment activities for the kids. This young lady brought some homemade hula hoops and taught the children how to hula hoop. As a child I was great at hooping, but as I’ve aged and my shape has changed, my body just doesn’t do what it used to. This is one thing I want to get back into, especially with the hoop dancing and learning how to do awesome tricks like this.

Get Down Downtown - Street Festival - Vendor Event 2016


From food trucks to the Farmer’s Market who set up right around the corner, food was plenty! This particular vendor is one of my favorites and always has the most delicious bread. You can find her on Facebook at Willowbrook Farm.

Get Down Downtown - Street Festival - Vendor Event 2016

Another favorite? Food trucks! I finally tried some Fajita Nachos and let me tell you, they are to die for! It’s all the goodness of a fajita right on top of some chips. Yum!

Get Down Downtown - Street Festival - Vendor Event 2016


And finally, those that made it happen.. The vendors! Lined up on both sides of two streets, vendors were there with their goods, crafts, and other items. There was seriously something for everyone.

Nearly every booth had a giveaway and even some swag for attendees.

Get Down Downtown - Street Festival - Vendor Event 2016

Get Down Downtown happens once a year around the end of September. I’m already looking forward to next year.

Do you enjoy street festivals and vendor events?

What is your favorite type of festival food?



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Introducing Aduke Schulist

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