Places to Take Pictures in White County Arkansas

Places to Take Pictures in White County Arkansas
Places to Take Pictures in White County Arkansas

Next to lighting, location is the second most important part of photography. One secret most photographers don’t want to share is the location where they take pictures. Well, I’m letting out some of my secrets today. Why? Simple. There is more to a gorgeous picture than just a fun location.

It’s all about how you work your equipment.

Here are some of my top picks for pics in White County, Arkansas:

Judsonia, Arkansas

Judsonia Bridge
– Located in Judsonia, Arkansas near the Judsonia Post Office, this bridge is open to traffic so keep that in mind when planning your shoot. This is a pretty popular place for family portraits in Judsonia.

Family Portraits Judsonia Bridge White County Arkansas Friendly Acres Park in Judsonia Arkansas Photography by Aduke Schulist

Judsonia Friendly Acres Park
Friendly Acres Park is a quaint little park located off of Missile Base Road in Judsonia. There are geese present year-round, play ground equipment for the kids, a lake, and a firework show every 4th of July, giving you plenty of options to photograph.

Friendly Acres Park in Judsonia Arkansas Photography by Aduke Schulist

Gillam Farms
Gillam Farms is a fruit and produce farm open year-round. This is a great place for bridals, or to practice some macro photography with all the greenery.

Searcy, Arkansas

Searcy Downtown Courthouse Square
– The courthouse itself is gorgeous. At night time, the newly updated Rialto in all its lighted glory is a beautiful capture. There are many textured walls, doorways, and hidden spaces to explore around the downtown Searcy area.

Riverside Park
– Nestled near the Little Red River in Searcy, this park features walking trails, caves, cliffs, and greenery making it a great place for Senior pictures or family portraits.

Riverside Park in Searcy Arkansas Photography by Aduke Schulist

Harding University
Harding University is gorgeous year-round. There is plenty of shade and short paths loaded with flowers. Christmas lights during the Winter make it a great place to shoot at night.

Berryhill Bike Trail
– Paved trails make this a great place for exploring the surrounding nature. There is a small bridge about half a mile north of Berryhill Park on the path perfect for family portraits.

Pioneer Village
– This is another location popular among photographers. The Pioneer Village is a small historical site filled with 19th century pieces including architecture, farm equipment, and more.


Smyrna Church
– Smyrna Church, located off of Hwy 36 is another historical piece in Searcy. This church is known as being the oldest church in Arkansas and is a great place to capture sunsets, portraits, or the building itself.

Searcy Art Gallery
– The Searcy Art Gallery, located in the historic Black House is a beautiful place for bridals, architecture, or just plain ole’ art.

Bald Knob, Arkansas:

Wildlife Refuge Bald Knob
– The Bald Knob Wildlife Refuge sits on over 15,000 acres and is a favorite amongst birders. Migrating birds, or static insects make great captures here.

Downtown Courtyard Bald Knob
– The Downtown Bald Knob Courtyard has been updated within the past few years and offers some similar details as the Searcy downtown area with textured walls, hidden nooks, and is perfect for senior pictures.

Downtown Bald Knob Photography by Aduke Schulist

Bald Knob Lake
– This is one of my favorites for sunsets. The water is also perfect for wading into to capture portraits.

Bald Knob Lake in Bald Knob Arkansas Photography by Aduke Schulist

Bald Knob Train Depot
– If trains are your thing, then add this to your must-see list. The train depot has plenty to photograph indoors or outdoors and it just a short walk from the downtown courtyard.

Pangburn, Arkansas

The Wedding Barn
– The Wedding Barn is a barn and event center located about 25 miles from Searcy. It sits atop a mountain, making it great for landscape, or bridal portraits.

So, there you have it. Some of my favorite places to take pictures in White County, Arkansas. What one would be your favorite place to take pictures?

*Please keep in mind that permission must be granted in order to utilize some of these locations.

Author: Aduke Schulist

Aduke Schulist is a 30 something content creator living in the heart of Arkansas. She enjoys blogging, vlogging, and spending way too much time on social media. Aduke is a big fan of true crime documentaries and advocating for people with special needs. You can find Aduke on social media as @AdukeSchulist.

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  1. It has been years and years since I’ve visited Arkansas, but I’ll have to keep these locations in mind the next time I do visit. I’m always scouting for new locations to take pictures!

  2. What beautiful places! I have only been to Arkansas once in my life but have always wanted to return. I even told my husband we need to go sometime. Such a lovely place.
    Your family photos are wonderful, thank you for sharing your trip!

  3. I always find it interesting when I see were people travel in this country. That sunset is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like you guys had a great time exploring.

  4. All of these are lovely places for photos! It’s always nice to have photos taken outdoors, in parks or wherever there’s trees and the like. The natural lighting is always perfect!

  5. These look like amazing places to take pictures in White County Arkansas. I love the idea of a family portrait on the Judsonia bridge because it makes such amazing scenery. Thanks for sharing all these places and the awesome photos.

  6. Wow! This place really good for taking pictures! It has many views to take. I love this place!!

  7. I love how even when kids are young you can see their own unique personalities and styles shining through in photos. You can definitely see that in your photos- you have a knack for portrait photography!

  8. I have never been to Arkansas or the Ozarks, but I have heard awesome things! I really want to take a road trip down there someday!

  9. location is soooooo important when we are taking a photo. and we need to check that it’s a clean one

  10. I haven’t been to Arkansas in a long while. The pictures and the places you have captured are beautiful!

  11. That sunset picture is stunning! I love finding local locations to take outdoor pictures, to me they always come out so much better when everyone is relaxed and not stuck in a studio.

  12. Beautiful photos! I have never been there. It does look like Arkansas offers lots of pretty places to visit. If I get to visit, I would love to see the Pioneer Village, Smyrna Church and the Searcy Art Gallery.

  13. Such a beautiful post I have enjoyed a lot, love the pictures, I bet is amzing place to visit, I will consider it for my future traveling

  14. Your photos are so beautiful! I have not visited White County Arkansas, but it looks like a very photogenic spot. You have a great eye for portrait photography.

  15. I’ve been looking for something like this so I can start taking pictures again. You have such a good eye. I go to a lot of these same places and have never looked at them the way you do. And that sunset picture you took is PERFECT.

  16. Sometimes the simplest corners or backgrounds make for a great picture. I think you need to have an eye for it but places like this easily give you picture perfect shots.

  17. I haven’t been in Arkansas and it looks a beautiful country I heard good comments about this country.

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