White County Fair – 4-H Poultry Chain 2017

White County Fair - Poulty Chain
White County Fair – 4-H Poultry Chain 2017

I’ve taken a break from KonMari-ing my house in order to do some fun and exciting things… like attend the local County Fair.

Around here, the County Fair is a big deal and has no age limit. Young and old all bring in their homemade goods, homegrown items, and animals to be shown and judged.

White County Fair - Poultry Chain - A 4-H Program

Poultry Chain

We participated in the fair as part of a 4-H program called the Poultry Chain.

Every spring, those 4-H members who sign up are given approximately 20 freshly hatched baby chicks. The participants raise these chickens and then take the best 3 out of the flock to the fair. They are judged, then sold in an auction. The proceeds from the auction go towards paying off the chickens. Whatever is left is split among the participants and awarded based on what ribbon they won. For example, all those who won first place ribbons will get X amount of dollars, while those who receive a second place with get slightly less.

Losh and his chickens

This is our second year doing the poultry chain, and this time both of my boys participated.

Due to restrictions where we live, we started out with 16 chicks instead of the 40 my kids were supposed to have. Unfortunately we had some deaths and when the county fair rolled around, we had 10 remaining.

Judging the Chickens

We picked our best 6 (3 each) and headed to the county fair.

Arkansas White County Fair 4-H Poultry Chain Chickens in Cages

The chickens are placed in cages alongside all the other participants and a judge looks at each chicken individually. They are mainly being judged on how big they are, the space between their breast bones and vent, and the size and color of their comb and wattle. Last year Kaia got a first place ribbon for his chickens. I was really surprised as it was our first time and I felt like we had no clue what we were doing.

This year, Kaia earned another blue ribbon, but Losh only got a red one.

Kaia and first place ribbon for chickens

I was really expecting them to both place second, because our chickens this year just didn’t seem very big, but I am glad it worked out the way it did because Kaia helped much more (including building the coop!) than Losh did.

County Fair Fun

After the auction, we walked around the fair checking out all the educational materials, items entered, and rides. One of my favorite things about the fair is seeing all the items that people have entered. I tell myself while viewing them that I should enter my own (and we did one year), but I never went back to pick up ribbons or anything.

Admiring artwork at the county fair - Arkansas White County

I love how the items are judged in order for more than one to win a first prize ribbon. So much time and dedication goes into some of these projects – like the quilts or giant pumpkins.

I can’t even grow a single pumpkin, let alone a GIANT one.

Can you imagine how many pumpkin pies that thing would make?

Giant Pumpkins at White County Fair

Unfortunately, we didn’t ride any rides or consume any delicious food (hello fried Oreos and fresh squeezed lemonade!) this night, but the fun we had made up for it.

What is your favorite part about your county fair?

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28 thoughts on “White County Fair – 4-H Poultry Chain 2017”

  1. It would be neat to enter in some of those competitions. I love our local fair, which has everything from livestock to rabbits and poultry. I’m sure my kids would love to raise chickens!

  2. Gosh I love the fair!! Brings back memories of when I used to show animals, I had pigs and sheep growing up. Congrats to your crew and their award winning poultry!!

  3. I love going to county fairs. Great job on those ribbons! That’s awesome. I actually would love to get my girls in 4H too. I think they’d love it.

  4. This is so cool. What an awesome project. I love 4-H, as it makes such a positive impact on the children. I can only imagine the fun they had! I’ve never been to a county fair, have to try one someday!

  5. That is awesome that your chickens did well in the contest. It is a great learning lesson for your boys and I bet they enjoyed winning.

    Did you say fried Oreos? I havent gone to the fair in forever.

  6. Oh wow I’d never heard of poultry chain before so it was interesting to read on what it entailed. There isnt too many county fairs here or the ones that are are usually generally food targeted. But yours sounds really interesting and fun.

  7. This looks like it was so much fun! I love going to the county fair, but I usually just go for the food. That pumpkin looks insane though, I can’t even begin to think of all the tasty treats that could come out of that.

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