December IPSY With Referral Rewards

December IPSY bag and contents
December IPSY With Referral Rewards

It’s that time again.. where I share with you what I got in my IPSY bag for the month. I had some referral points available to spend and ended up using them for some face masks since I haven’t received any in my bags yet and am in love with them. Turns out Soo Ae somehow read my mind and ended up sending me some of their newest masks, so between that and this month’s IPSY, I am set for a while. 

December IPSY bag Review and Referral by Aduke Schulist

I would have posted this sooner, but I wrapped my IPSY and put it under the tree without peeking. Is that weird? It’s not, right?

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The bag itself this month was a big upgrade from last month. It’s a silver bag with sparkling trim. I always love seeing how they incorporate the season into the bag.

Bonus Items

Starting off, these are the items I got using my referral rewards. For every person that you sign up using your referral link you earn rewards. You can also earn rewards when you review the items in your bag. I chose two face masks.

December IPSY Referral Rewards

I am not really a fan of sheet masks because I find they fit my face awkwardly, but I am anxious to try this gram mask. It comes in two pieces, so I’m thinking that will mean a better fit.

Dead Sea Wash-Off Mask

Global Beauty Care made a second appearance in my bag with this Dead Sea Wash-Off Mask. I may not have ordered two masks if I had known that I would be getting one in my bag this month.

December IPSY Dead Sea wash off mask

Beauty Water

I am all about skin care lately. Maybe it is because I am aging, or just trying to take better care of myself, inside and out, but skin care – especially facial skin care – is my jam. I am slightly obsessed with all the cleansing, toning, and purifying things out there, so of course I am happy to get this Beauty Water by Son & Park.

December IPSY Son & Park Beauty Water

I’ve never tried this particular brand before, so I can’t wait to see what it’s like.

Lips & Eyes

Moving on to the lips and eyes… I usually get something lip or eye related (or both!) in every bag. My most basic makeup routine always includes lips and eyes so this is perfect for me.

December IPSY OFRA Liquid Lip and NYX Eyeliner

December IPSY PIXI

PIXI and NYX have both shown up a few times in my bags, and I’ve never been disappointed. They are both great brands. This month’s PIXI product was this eye shadow duo in Orchid Ornament. I tend to stick to browns/neutrals, so this is a little adventurous for me, but not on the wild side.

NYX sent an eyeliner in brown – a shade I usually don’t wear, but it seems to be dark enough that it will be ok. It swatched really smooth and stayed in place throughout the day, but I haven’t actually tried it on yet.

And finally, OFRA’s IPSY UNZIPPED liquid lipstick was in my bag. I saw somebody complain on Facebook that they always get the same shade of lipstick and I am seeing somewhat of a pattern with mine too, but definitely not complaining. I love the shades that are sent to me.

Get Your IPSY Now

That’s it for mine.. Another 5 great products (plus two bonus items).

What are you waiting for? You can get yours now by signing up here.

December IPSY bag and contents

Do you like face masks as much as I do?
What’s your favorite facial skin care product?

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