NEW – 2018 Goals & Word of the Year

2018 Goals & Word of the Year by Aduke Schulist
NEW – 2018 Goals & Word of the Year

I may be the most cliche person ever, but for 2018 I have decided my Word of the Year is going to be NEW.

Insert all that New Year, New Me stuff here…Β 

2018 Goals & Word of the Year by Aduke Schulist

This doesn’t mean I am going to go out and buy all new things, but instead it’s about changing some things to become new.

New habits
New jobs
New routines
New focuses
New resolutions and goals
New priorities
New spending habits
New hobbies
New responses
New experiences
New skills
New body and wardrobe
Even a new smile (stay tuned for how that is happening)

The new me is all about adding to what already works in my life. I don’t really think a person can change – we are who we are, but by adding to our assets, we can really become an improved person, and for me that New person is going to be a great one. One with new ideas, and new outcomes.

2018 Goals

With that in mind, I wanted to also share some of my 2018 goals. I like to make some fun ones and some serious ones, so there is a mix of both here

Fun Goals

Master the splits again – I used to be so flexible, and then I started aging, quit running/doing things that kept me flexible, and got fat. I don’t know if any of you guys are fat like me and into yoga, but let me tell you, it is hard to get your body into some poses when your stomach is in the way! One pose I can master is the splits.

Have beautiful hair – I tried out fun colors, and while I enjoyed them, they damaged my hair. I am working on getting my hair healthier and growing it even longer.

Aduke and Puppy Knight

Wear less t-shirts – My style is t-shirt and bootcut jeans. I tend to wear these because they are easy, but who am I kidding? A dress is just as easy to put on, or cute skinny jeans with a proper blouse.

Practice the Piano more – We were blessed with a piano during the Summer and I started online piano lessons. I have always wanted to learn, so it’s like a dream coming true. I have already learned how to play a few hymns and basic songs, but I want to get better.

Career-ish Goals

Book More Photography Clients – Since venturing into the photography business, I have had very few clients. A part of this is because I don’t advertise myself enough. I’ve already begun booking clients for the new year, so this 2018 goal is off to a great start already.

Family Portrait Photo Session by Aduke Schulist
Recent Family Portrait Session

Meet more Blogger friends – I have so many blogger friends that I adore chatting with online, but have never met in person. I am making it a goal to get out there and meet more blogger friends – and who knows, I may finally attend my first blog convention.

Beautify my Instagram Feed – I always thought I would NOT be the person who has a beautiful Instagram feed, but the more I add styled photos, the more I love it. Follow me @AdukeSchulist to see my Instagram feed become beautiful.

AdukeSchulist Instagram Feed December 2017

Have you started thinking about your Word of the Year or 2018 goals?
Can you do the splits?Β 

Author: Aduke Schulist

Aduke Schulist is a 30 something content creator living in the heart of Arkansas. She enjoys blogging, vlogging, and spending way too much time on social media. Aduke is a big fan of true crime documentaries and advocating for people with special needs. You can find Aduke on social media as @AdukeSchulist.

18 thoughts on “NEW – 2018 Goals & Word of the Year”

  1. I love how you incorporated fun goals too! It’s just as important as serious goals in my opinion. Life is too short to be serious all the time. I would also like to master the splits and have perfect hair lol thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m feeling very unorganized at the moment after reading your goals, lol. I need to sit down and organize my thoughts and get my goals in order. I love all of your goals and having fun would be on top of my list.

  3. I like your positive attitude. There is nothing cliche about New and nothing cliche about improving yourself. I wish you the best of success for this upcoming New Year.

  4. You have some very nice goals this year. I didn’t set mine yet, but I want to start going more often to the gym in the mornings to swim. I did it for some time back in autumn and I felt some big changes, I felt so much better. But the bad and cold weather doesn’t motivate me at the moment.

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