My Must Have Makeup Products

My Must Have Makeup Products

Like every other girl, I started wearing makeup products in middle school. Prior to that, I had dabbled in my mom’s, but finally had my own in middle school. Back then, I wore foundation followed by powder every time I wore makeup.

These days, my routine is a little bit simpler. I generally prefer not to wear a full face of foundation every time I wear makeup. I now favor tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams when covering my face. Usually though, I just keep it simple. Here are my must have makeup products.

I am 100% a budget makeup shopper. I do not spend a lot of money on makeup products. Most of mine are drug store brands and super affordable.

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Mascara is my number 1 must have. If I don’t wear any other makeup, I usually wear mascara and have my eyes done. It’s the one thing that can brighten up my face and takes seconds to apply. I have been loving this Loreal Voluminous Feline mascara lately.

Loreal Feline Mascara - Must Have Makeup Products

Eye liner

I can’t get into liquid or gel liners. I prefer pencils. I remember sharpening eyeliners and running them under a lighter in the past to get them soft enough to apply easily. Eyeliner has come so far since then. I find that most mechanical pencils apply easily so I prefer those.

Maybelline Eyeliner Mechanical Pencil - Must Have Makeup Products

I’m still learning how to get a nice winged look, but like to wear eyeliner on my bottom water line daily. My trusty, goldilocks pencil is the Define-A-Line by Maybelline, but when I ran out I started using this  Maybelline Unstoppable mechanical pencil that I got in the mail. I can’t remember if it was from an IPSY bag or what but I totally recommend it. It’s very comparable to the Define-A-Line pencil.

Eye shadow

Along with winged liner, I have been trying to perfect my eye shadow. I tend to wear 2-3 colors blended out, but my hooded eye shape makes it hard to find looks/tutorials that actually work for me.

I tend to stick with more neutral colors, mostly browns. I’ve been experimenting more with purple tones though.

Revlon and Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette - Must Have Makeup Products

This Revlon Addictive palette has been my #1 favorite, hands down. The colors compliment my skin tone so good. I’ve owned a few of these, but lately have been trying to branch out and use some of my other palettes. The Maybelline 24k Nudes palette has similar colors, but brighter.

Maybelline 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette - Must Have Makeup Products

Anybody else with hooded eyes, tell me some of your favorite eye shadow makeup tips! I want to start using more of the darker colors that I tend to shy away from.


I carry lip balms in my pocket, car, and purse and constantly reapply them. I can’t stand the feeling of chapped lips. Because of constantly reapplying chap sticks, I find lipsticks wear off more easily. Some girls aren’t okay with that, but it’s fine with me. I just carry whatever color I’m wearing and touch up as needed.

Kokie and Ofra Liquid Lipsticks - Must Have Makeup Products

These two colors are my current must haves. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to lipsticks. I’m not into super dark or super bright colors. I like pinks and nudes the most. I got this Ofra IPSY Unzipped liquid lipstick in an IPSY bag and love it. Then I have my Kokie Kissable in Mad About Mauve.

Kokie Liquid Lipstick - Must Have Makeup Products


Because I usually don’t wear foundation, my eyes can often look out of place on my face when my eye makeup is on. I find that blush ties in the whole look and can make my eyes even out the rest of my face.

IONI Cosmetics Blush - Must Have Makeup Products

I’m not a big fan of super pigmented blushes though. I prefer a more natural look. Miss Bliss by IONI is quite pigmented, but it blends out nicely. My lighter pinks have hit the pan and need to be replaced.

Makeup Remover

And we can’t forget taking it all off.

For removing my makeup products, I use Wal-Mart’s Equate brand. I’ve used other brands in the past, but for the price, this one is great and does the job. The eye makeup remover is oil free which is perfect because I don’t like using greasy oils on my face.

Equate Eye Makeup Remover and Astringent Must Have Makeup Products

I always use this astringent before doing the rest of my skin care routine. I even have my kids using this as a cleanser before bed. It’s very gentle on our skin.

So, that’s it.. My most basic, budget, makeup products.

Stay tuned for a future Skin Care Routine post where I’ll detail all of my skin care products and routine.

What are your must have makeup products? 
Is there one makeup product you wear everyday?

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Smile Fearlessly with Professional Teeth Whitening at Home

Smile Fearlessly with Professional Teeth Whitening at Home

Long before I was self conscious about my weight, I was self conscious about my smile.  My teeth weren’t as white as they could be, and I had these white spots (from fluorosis) on my two front teeth that were the cause of much embarrassment. I used to cover my mouth when I smiled or talked because I was scared of what other people would think. Now, I can Smile Fearlessly thanks to Smile Brilliant and their Professional Teeth Whitening kits.

Smile Fearlessly with Smile Brilliant a Review by Aduke Schulist

Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Each kit comes with everything you need to get a beautiful smile without ever having to step foot outside.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit

Included in the Smile Brilliant kits are two trays with the paste needed to make impressions of your top and bottom teeth. Detailed instructions are provided to help you get the best impression possible. They even include an extra paste in case of a bad impression. Once your impressions are done, simply let them dry overnight and then ship them off in the provided envelope. They go to a lab where your custom dental trays will be made and shipped back to you.

Smile Brilliant Custom Made Dental Whitening TraysThis entire process took about a week. Not only is it quick, it costs about 70% less than the cost of custom dental trays from a dentist. The trays even arrive with a hard shell carrying case.

Once your trays arrive, the whitening can begin!

This was the most complicated part for me. My first application was messy and my gums were sensitive. It took a couple of uses to figure out what was causing my gums to be so sensitive. I wasn’t using a lot of the product, but the tiny amount that was getting on my gums hurt. I realized that my toothbrush bristles were too hard and my aggressive brushing was causing micro-abrasions on my gums, which were then super sensitive during whitening.

I switched to a toothbrush with soft bristles, brushed my teeth a little more gently, and was careful around my gum lines. The change was fabulous. Where before I could tolerate them only up to 45 minutes, I could now tolerate whitening my teeth for longer periods without any problems. Smile Brilliant recommends 45 minutes to 3 hours, but you may need to work your way up to those times.

Smile Brilliant Whitening Gel

When ordering your kit, you can choose between sensitive or non-sensitive. I recommend the sensitive kit option, even if you don’t have sensitive teeth. The sensitive kit comes with desensitizing gel which is used after the whitening process. This desensitizing gel really helped sooth my gums.

Before / After Photos
Smile before Smile Brilliant at Home Professional Teeth Whitening
Smile before beginning Smile Brilliant
Before Smile Brilliant Whitening System
Before using Smile Brilliant
Aduke Schulist Smile Brilliant Results after 1 Session
Smile Brilliant Results after 1 Whitening Session

Isn’t it amazing how much change is present after just ONE session? This stuff really gets in between my teeth – those places that most whitening systems can’t reach. Imagine what the full process is going to do to my teeth. I can’t wait to show you guys the full results.

In the meantime, you can enter to win your own Smile Brilliant kit below. Be sure to check out my social media channels for more:
Facebook: Aduke Schulist
Instagram: @AdukeSchulist
Twitter: @AdukeSchulist

Are you ready to Smile Fearlessly?

Head on over to Smile Brilliant to enter the giveaway. Entries without an email will not be valid as they need an email to contact the winner.

The Smile Brilliant giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit. It is open for 1 week and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.

Alternatively, use code adukeschulist15 when checking out for 15% off your order.

Happy Whitening!

Tooth Whitening Gel

December IPSY With Referral Rewards

December IPSY With Referral Rewards

It’s that time again.. where I share with you what I got in my IPSY bag for the month. I had some referral points available to spend and ended up using them for some face masks since I haven’t received any in my bags yet and am in love with them. Turns out Soo Ae somehow read my mind and ended up sending me some of their newest masks, so between that and this month’s IPSY, I am set for a while. 

December IPSY bag Review and Referral by Aduke Schulist

I would have posted this sooner, but I wrapped my IPSY and put it under the tree without peeking. Is that weird? It’s not, right?

This post contains affiliate links. 

The bag itself this month was a big upgrade from last month. It’s a silver bag with sparkling trim. I always love seeing how they incorporate the season into the bag.

Bonus Items

Starting off, these are the items I got using my referral rewards. For every person that you sign up using your referral link you earn rewards. You can also earn rewards when you review the items in your bag. I chose two face masks.

December IPSY Referral Rewards

I am not really a fan of sheet masks because I find they fit my face awkwardly, but I am anxious to try this gram mask. It comes in two pieces, so I’m thinking that will mean a better fit.

Dead Sea Wash-Off Mask

Global Beauty Care made a second appearance in my bag with this Dead Sea Wash-Off Mask. I may not have ordered two masks if I had known that I would be getting one in my bag this month.

December IPSY Dead Sea wash off mask

Beauty Water

I am all about skin care lately. Maybe it is because I am aging, or just trying to take better care of myself, inside and out, but skin care – especially facial skin care – is my jam. I am slightly obsessed with all the cleansing, toning, and purifying things out there, so of course I am happy to get this Beauty Water by Son & Park.

December IPSY Son & Park Beauty Water

I’ve never tried this particular brand before, so I can’t wait to see what it’s like.

Lips & Eyes

Moving on to the lips and eyes… I usually get something lip or eye related (or both!) in every bag. My most basic makeup routine always includes lips and eyes so this is perfect for me.

December IPSY OFRA Liquid Lip and NYX Eyeliner

December IPSY PIXI

PIXI and NYX have both shown up a few times in my bags, and I’ve never been disappointed. They are both great brands. This month’s PIXI product was this eye shadow duo in Orchid Ornament. I tend to stick to browns/neutrals, so this is a little adventurous for me, but not on the wild side.

NYX sent an eyeliner in brown – a shade I usually don’t wear, but it seems to be dark enough that it will be ok. It swatched really smooth and stayed in place throughout the day, but I haven’t actually tried it on yet.

And finally, OFRA’s IPSY UNZIPPED liquid lipstick was in my bag. I saw somebody complain on Facebook that they always get the same shade of lipstick and I am seeing somewhat of a pattern with mine too, but definitely not complaining. I love the shades that are sent to me.

Get Your IPSY Now

That’s it for mine.. Another 5 great products (plus two bonus items).

What are you waiting for? You can get yours now by signing up here.

December IPSY bag and contents

Do you like face masks as much as I do?
What’s your favorite facial skin care product?

Plan Now for a Summer to Remember

Plan Now for a Summer to Remember
Sunglasses in Sand - Summer Weather
It is never too early to start preparations for a summer to remember.

The taste of eggnog and the smell of sprinkle cookies are still fresh on your mind. In fact, they are still lingering in the pine-scented air, wrapped in a warm blanket of Christmas carols and draped with twinkling lights. The holidays are just getting started and yet by now preparation for the new year is also well underway. It is never too early to start thinking about the promise of warmer weather and summertime adventures. Some may argue winter is actually the best time to start making plans and preparations if you expect to enjoy an epic summer to remember. Everyone wants to be prepared when the hot sun sneaks high into the sky. Therefore they are not bamboozled and left on the sidelines while friends and family members journey to memorable vacations, host the ultimate backyard cookouts, or lounge in the crystal clear blue waters of a pool with a refreshing pina colada in hand.

If your perfect summer consists of any combination of tan lines on your skin, sunglasses over your eyes, sand in between your toes, and messy-but-somehow-perfect beachy waves in your hair, then do not delay in setting the foundation for your dreams of sunshine and relaxation. Here are four manageable and straightforward ways you can begin putting a plan into action for a Summer you will surely remember:

Summer Action Plan
Disclosure: Sponsored post.
  • Get friends onboard. When you confirm plans with friends and loved ones it amplifies the sense of excitement. Start discussing your expectations now so you can plan accordingly. Invite people to join you who are apt to enjoy similar situations and make sure you listen to their input and advice and incorporate some of their ideas into the plan.
Diving into Summer
Jump into Summer with family and friends ready to embrace each day.
  • Start working on a base tan. Once it is swimsuit weather, you do not want to be the person covered from head to toe sitting poolside or on a sandy beach due to fear of overexposure to the sun. Having and maintaining a good base tan lets you seamlessly transition from Winter and Spring into Summer, and you will not spend your time preoccupied with worries about sunburns. Remember, however, sunscreen is ALWAYS a summertime essential.
  • Shop in the offseason. If you are looking for the perfect bathing suit, a great beach bag, an inflatable you can lounge in with your summer drink and the year’s must-read Summertime romance novel, then shopping in the offseason will almost guarantee you will get a great selection of products for more affordable prices
  • Start getting in shape now. When the customary outfit changes from comfy sweaters and boots to t-shirts and shorts, of course, you want to shed the layers with confidence in your body. Starting a diet and workout routine now is the perfect way to help you achieve your body-weight goals for the summer. Plus, it’s a fabulous New Year’s resolution!
One Stop Summer Shop

There is one Atlanta-based leisure and recreation company that can help you down the path to creating a summer to remember: Rec Warehouse. Rec Warehouse is in the business of selling “fun for less” with an unparalleled selection of merchandise like above ground pools, hot tubs, tanning beds and misting fans, outdoor kitchens and patio furniture and even swim spas and game room furniture. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Rec Warehouse has helped thousands of customers, just like you, create an at-home, vacation-like oasis, to fulfill all their summertime desires.

Elite 10 Stand up Tanning Booth
Elite 10 Stand up Tanning Booth

You can find the Elite 10 Stand Up Tanning System at Rec Warehouse showroom locations or online at

Rec Warehouse can assist you with purchasing the perfect tanning bed for your year-long base tan. They have options which include both regular and stand up tanning systems and even a more compact version which is mounted in your doorway and plugs into a standard household electrical outlet. Rec Warehouse carries tanning bed options with the most cutting-edge RVL technology. RVL stands for Red Visible Light, and it helps stimulate and promote the production of vitamin D and collagen. RVL encourages oxygenation and restoration of the skin’s natural cellular activity speeding up collagen and elastin production which is a fancy way of saying it keeps the skin’s appearance younger, longer.

You can always visit one of the three conveniently located Rec Warehouse showrooms in Norcross, Jonesboro, or Kennesaw, GA. However, if you want to shop from the comfort of your home in your pajamas with a warm cup of hot chocolate, Rec Warehouse has a robust website and a great selection of quality products available to purchase online as well. Regardless of how you like to shop, Rec Warehouse has industry-leading products at affordable prices, helping you maximize your summer experience. Visit them today to learn how they can make your next summer one to remember.

What’s your favorite Summer time activity?
Do you like to hang out poolside or get in on the action?

IPSY November Glam Bag – #Review

IPSY November Glam Bag – #Review

You guys!! I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my IPSY November Glam Bag ever since I got notice that it shipped. Now, I like to be surprised so I stayed away from social media and didn’t look at what items had been picked for me or the bag they would arrive in. So when my November Glam Bag arrived and I saw the bag inside, I was a little shocked… in a bad way. 

Y’all, I ain’t even gonna’ lie.. I think this bag is ugly! 

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IPSY November Glam Bag Review by Aduke Schulist

I was stressing myself out thinking about how disappointed I was because of such an awful bag, but really, the items made up for it. Here’s what I got:

Tarte Cosmetics Clay Blush in Feisty

I tend to wear pinker blushes, but as I’ve gotten into contouring lately – something I said I would never do – I find myself just using some of my darker blushes in shades similar to this Feisty one from Tarte. It’s not super pigmented, but makes a great contour for me.

Tarte Cosmetics Blush in Fiesty November Glam Bag

Your Skin But Better CC Cream

I have seen so many YouTubers with this CC Cream lately and kept wanting to try it out myself. I was happily surprised to see some in my November Glam Bag.

Your Skin But Better CC Cream November Glam Bag

I gotta say I am cautious when it comes to any sort of foundation. I have a hard time matching my skin tone and I always feel so weighed down by them. I also feel like they go on very patchy on my skin.

I tend to stick with BB Creams that are essentially tinted moisturizer. They serve as foundation for me.

This CC Cream (in light) is so smooth and doesn’t leave my skin looking patchy or dry at all. I’m unsure if I would actually purchase this myself as I can’t picture me reapplying my foundation every 2 hours as is suggested since it contains SPF.

Your Skin But Better CC Cream November Glam Bag from IPSY

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Lit

I really like the color and formula of this lip topper, but the sparkle was a bit too much for me for a lip product. The good news is when I tried to wipe it off, it mostly stayed put. The bad news is, the sparkles ended up all over my face. I decided it was perfect for use on my eyes though and can’t wait to try it out as a highlight too.

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lit November Glam Bag

SKYN Berry Lip Fix*

Hands down, this is my favorite product this month. This lip treatment makes my lips feel like they have been to a spa. I’m not sure what magical ingredient gives my lips that tingling feeling, but it feels so good.

Skyn Berry Lip Fix from November Glam Bag Review by Aduke SchulistSkyn Berry Lip Fix Treatment November Glam Bag

*This link takes to you a different product than the one mentioned in this post. Follow this link for the product mentioned here. 

Naked Cosmetics Mother Nature Loose Powder

Naked Cosmetics Mother Nature Loose Powder November Glam Bag

Surely there is a way I can turn this loose powder into a solid form, no? It’s a really pretty color, but boy does it get everywhere. Or perhaps I am just messy.

I want to love this, but I’m not sure if my fear of it making a mess will keep me from using it. It swatches really pretty, so that is probably enough to tempt me into risking my sanity for this shadow.

If you guys remember from my October IPSY Glam Bag review, I had a lip gloss that smelled terrible… Well, my sister got the same one and hers was fine. I contacted IPSY and they sent out a replacement lip product. It was a solid lipstick in a different shade, so I didn’t get to keep the mdmflow one, but IPSY made it right. Love that kind of customer service!

That’s it for my November Glam Bag review. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with what I got. I hardly ever use the bags anyway, so no loss there.

IPSY November Glam Bag - Review by Aduke Schulist

If you want to sign up for IPSY, you can receive your own bag and products every month based on your personal beauty profile.

What did you think of this mustard yellow November Glam Bag? Do you like it?