My Must Have Makeup Products

My Must Have Makeup Products

Like every other girl, I started wearing makeup products in middle school. Prior to that, I had dabbled in my mom’s, but finally had my own in middle school. Back then, I wore foundation followed by powder every time I wore makeup.

These days, my routine is a little bit simpler. I generally prefer not to wear a full face of foundation every time I wear makeup. I now favor tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams when covering my face. Usually though, I just keep it simple. Here are my must have makeup products.

I am 100% a budget makeup shopper. I do not spend a lot of money on makeup products. Most of mine are drug store brands and super affordable.

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Mascara is my number 1 must have. If I don’t wear any other makeup, I usually wear mascara and have my eyes done. It’s the one thing that can brighten up my face and takes seconds to apply. I have been loving this Loreal Voluminous Feline mascara lately.

Loreal Feline Mascara - Must Have Makeup Products

Eye liner

I can’t get into liquid or gel liners. I prefer pencils. I remember sharpening eyeliners and running them under a lighter in the past to get them soft enough to apply easily. Eyeliner has come so far since then. I find that most mechanical pencils apply easily so I prefer those.

Maybelline Eyeliner Mechanical Pencil - Must Have Makeup Products

I’m still learning how to get a nice winged look, but like to wear eyeliner on my bottom water line daily. My trusty, goldilocks pencil is the Define-A-Line by Maybelline, but when I ran out I started using this  Maybelline Unstoppable mechanical pencil that I got in the mail. I can’t remember if it was from an IPSY bag or what but I totally recommend it. It’s very comparable to the Define-A-Line pencil.

Eye shadow

Along with winged liner, I have been trying to perfect my eye shadow. I tend to wear 2-3 colors blended out, but my hooded eye shape makes it hard to find looks/tutorials that actually work for me.

I tend to stick with more neutral colors, mostly browns. I’ve been experimenting more with purple tones though.

Revlon and Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette - Must Have Makeup Products

This Revlon Addictive palette has been my #1 favorite, hands down. The colors compliment my skin tone so good. I’ve owned a few of these, but lately have been trying to branch out and use some of my other palettes. The Maybelline 24k Nudes palette has similar colors, but brighter.

Maybelline 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette - Must Have Makeup Products

Anybody else with hooded eyes, tell me some of your favorite eye shadow makeup tips! I want to start using more of the darker colors that I tend to shy away from.


I carry lip balms in my pocket, car, and purse and constantly reapply them. I can’t stand the feeling of chapped lips. Because of constantly reapplying chap sticks, I find lipsticks wear off more easily. Some girls aren’t okay with that, but it’s fine with me. I just carry whatever color I’m wearing and touch up as needed.

Kokie and Ofra Liquid Lipsticks - Must Have Makeup Products

These two colors are my current must haves. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to lipsticks. I’m not into super dark or super bright colors. I like pinks and nudes the most. I got this Ofra IPSY Unzipped liquid lipstick in an IPSY bag and love it. Then I have my Kokie Kissable in Mad About Mauve.

Kokie Liquid Lipstick - Must Have Makeup Products


Because I usually don’t wear foundation, my eyes can often look out of place on my face when my eye makeup is on. I find that blush ties in the whole look and can make my eyes even out the rest of my face.

IONI Cosmetics Blush - Must Have Makeup Products

I’m not a big fan of super pigmented blushes though. I prefer a more natural look. Miss Bliss by IONI is quite pigmented, but it blends out nicely. My lighter pinks have hit the pan and need to be replaced.

Makeup Remover

And we can’t forget taking it all off.

For removing my makeup products, I use Wal-Mart’s Equate brand. I’ve used other brands in the past, but for the price, this one is great and does the job. The eye makeup remover is oil free which is perfect because I don’t like using greasy oils on my face.

Equate Eye Makeup Remover and Astringent Must Have Makeup Products

I always use this astringent before doing the rest of my skin care routine. I even have my kids using this as a cleanser before bed. It’s very gentle on our skin.

So, that’s it.. My most basic, budget, makeup products.

Stay tuned for a future Skin Care Routine post where I’ll detail all of my skin care products and routine.

What are your must have makeup products? 
Is there one makeup product you wear everyday?

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Top Netflix Picks

Top Netflix Picks

I can’t stand the sound of silence. In my house you will always hear music playing or see a show on in the background. If I’m in my bedroom, it tends to be the TV. Because of this, I watch a LOT of Netflix shows. Here are my Top Netflix Picks for the past few weeks:

Top Netflix Picks for January 2018

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach on Netflix Picks

I grew up watching Rescue 911, Cops, and Baywatch. Bondi Beach is like all of those combined. I used to want to be a lifeguard, and watching this is like living vicariously through them.

47 Meters Down

47 Meters Down on Netflix Picks

Two girls get trapped 47 meters under the sea after the shark cage they are in disconnects from the boat. Will they run out of air before they are saved? I love scary movies and this thriller is one of those that is a scary situation, but nothing that makes me want to check under my bed and sleep with the lights on.


Rotten on Netflix Picks

I binge watched these. It looks into different aspects of the food industry and how things aren’t always as they seem. I think my favorite one was the one about chickens, but maybe because I could relate to some of it. If you ever eat any food, then you should watch this.. So basically, everybody should see it.

Animal Airport

Animal Airport on Netflix Picks Holding an Animal from Animal Airport on Netflix Picks

I don’t know what it is about those border security shows that I find so interesting, but I am pretty sure I have seen every one of them. I could do an entire Netflix Picks post just on those shows.. At first, I didn’t think I would watch the animal one.. How interesting could it be watching animals go through an airport? Apparently, it is pretty darn interesting.

Next up: The Open House

The Open House on Netflix Picks

A family moves into a relative’s empty home and weird things start to happen. I watched the preview one night and decided I should probably watch this one during the day. I’m a big scaredy cat at night after watching horror films like this.

Have you seen any of these Netflix Picks?
What have you been watching on Netflix lately? 

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My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List

I know I’m not the only one counting down the days until Christmas. My kids are for sure. While we know the true reason for Christmas, it’s still fun to think about all the gifts.

I’m a giver and it delights me to give gifts to my children, my friends and family, and anybody else who would accept them. It also delights me to receive gifts, though I don’t really expect any this time of year.

As my kids made their Christmas wish lists, I started thinking about what would be on mine and came up with these items. Some of these are affiliate links.

My Christmas Wish List by Aduke Schulist

Yoga Stuff

I recently started taking Yoga classes as part of my journey to a healthier me. I am loving it. Yoga totally fits my love for gymnastics, but on a grown up level.

Yoga Mat I am taking Yoga classes at the gym and love the mats they have. I do have a Yoga mat at home, but mine is a generic/cheap one and isn’t very grippy. This Yoga mat  is made by the company that the gym uses.

High Waisted Pants I have some exercise capris and workout leggings, but high waisted  seems the way to go. My regular/low waist pants tend to fall down throughout the workout and I hate having to readjust my clothes.

Yoga Bolster I didn’t even know what a Yoga bolster  was until a few sessions into Yoga.. and suddenly I found myself needing one. The bolster really makes getting into and holding some of the poses more comfortable and relaxing.

Yoga Blocks Can’t forget the blocks. I have learned how to use the bolster and blocks together and would love to recreate some of those poses at home.


Garmin Watch Long story short, my heart rate is faster than the average person and spikes pretty high during exercise. I have a Garmin 405CX from my running days. It’s a GPS enabled watch and has a heart rate monitor. I have been using the heart rate monitor to make sure I don’t overdue it when working out but it is somewhat cumbersome. I’d love to get a smaller activity tracking/heart rate monitoring watch  that I could wear all the time.

Contigo Cups I am a big fan of Contigo brand drinking devices, and Kaia is too! He won’t leave my Contigo shaker alone, so I want a new one for myself.

White Bedding

Jersey Sheets I have these Jersey Sheets  in a grey, but I want to switch to all white bedding. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But, I love the look of a white bed and how crisp/clean it makes a room.

Pintuck Comforter …and a pintuck comforter  to go along with the sheets.

I like this set because of the throw pillows it includes. You can never have too many pillows


Sunglasses I actually told my kids I was going to give them money and send them into my favorite shop to get sunglasses  and they were going to buy me sunglasses without showing me what they got. It was going to be their Christmas present to me.. They didn’t like that idea.

Burgundy Handbag Not just any handbag, but a burgundy handbag. I normally stick with black, but I am loving burgundy lately.

That’s it! I think this is a pretty basic Christmas wish list. Of course, I’d love some extravagant things like a new lens or laptop, but this is realistically what I would love to get.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

Happy Thanksgiving! – A Few Favorite Things

A Few Favorite Things

Now that everyone has had time to get their fill of turkey and other delicious foods, I wanted to quickly say Happy Thanksgiving to each one of you and tell you all that I’m so grateful for the support you show this little blog of mine. I appreciate each and every one of you and love reading your comments.

I wanted to show my appreciation by sharing a few good deals with you guys and a few things I’m grateful for and totally loving this Thanksgiving.

A few of my Favorite Things by Aduke Schulist

This post contains affiliate links.
Stretchy Pants

Seriously, insert food coma here. I definitely ate too much food. I’m glad I hosted such a small dinner (my sister and her hubby and my mom plus me and 1 of my kids) tonight that I really had no need to even get dressed. I stayed in my pajama pants literally the whole day. Excuse the awkward angle selfie.

Aduke Schulist on Thanksgiving

I’m not even joking. I didn’t get dressed… and it was glorious!

(Sidenote: I bought my phone because I wanted one with a better camera… Obviously the front-facing camera sucks and I am still on the hunt for a great phone with a great camera.)

Pumpkin Cream Pie Candle

My sister was in charge of dessert and didn’t bring a pumpkin pie.

Is it even Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie?!

Luckily, I had this Pumpkin Cream Pie candle on the ready.

Our Own Candle Company Pumpkin Cream Pie Candle

Our Own Candle Company has some amazing, and fun scents . I’m a sucker for seasonal scents. 

Amazon Prime

I LOVE Amazon Prime. How else am I going to be able to afford to order so many Christmas presents from online? You can try it for free right now – just in time for the holidays! P.S. Kindles are on sale right now. Mine follows me everywhere. It’s so convenient to look up a recipe, or watch a video on the go.

Kindle used for entertainment while cooking

Don’t like it? No problem! You can cancel your 30 day free trial anytime.

Day Designer 2018 Planner

Can you guys believe 2018 is almost here? I’m not even ready for Christmas, let alone a new year but my calendar is already filling up.

I’m embarrassed to admit that while I have designed my own planner in the past, I didn’t for 2017 (see pink planner below) and haven’t finished it yet for 2018.

But, I wanted to make sure that when January 1st got here, I wasn’t left hanging without a planner….

So I bought one! And I’m glad I did because as soon as I brought it home I already had more things to add to it.

Day Designer for Blue Sky 5x7 Navy Stripe Hardcover Planner with generic planner Day Designer for Blue Sky 5x7 Navy Stripe Hardcover Planner

I purchased the Whitney English Day Designer (for Blue Sky) Navy striped, weekly format planner. I will be doing a review of this planner over on my YouTube channel soon. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

I guess that’s it. Just a few of my favorite things.

How many of you have seen Oprah’s Favorite Things and wished to be in the audience?
I have!

Do you use a paper planner? If so, which one do you use? 
As mentioned, I normally make my own, but for whatever reason haven’t done so this past year. I think I will like the one I purchased because it is very similar to the layout of the one I created myself.

Finally, would you guys be interested in me posting my printable planner on the blog?

12 Favorite Blog Posts

12 Favorite Blog Posts

I recently celebrated 1 year of blogging here at Aduke Schulist, and while I sort of let the year slip by without doing as much as I wanted, I still marvel at the progress I made here. I am always so humbled that even 1 person finds interest in my writing, let alone all of you who faithfully read and comment – us bloggers live for comments – on Aduke Schulist.

In celebration of the past 12 months, I wanted to first share with you my 12 favorite blog posts from the past year.

12 Favorite Blog Posts by Aduke Schulist

1. Get Down Downtown 2016 – Outdoor Festival

One of my first posts on this new blog covered a yearly event called Get Down Downtown. Coincidentally that same event is coming up soon, so be on the lookout for this years coverage.
Get Down Downtown - Street Festival - Vendor Event 2016

2. Day Out at the Outlets of Little Rock

I enjoyed a girls day out with fellow blogging friend Tiffany while we shopped and learned about some of the great deals being offered by stores in the Outlets of Little Rock Shopping Mall (I still want those shoes! Why have I not bought them yet?!)

We had good food, good fun, and good memories. I can’t tell you how many times I have been back, but even the kids enjoy it.

Outlets of Little Rock

3. We are… ADOPTING! – Single Mom Adoption

We announced we are adopting. Since then, so much has changed, but not the desire to adopt. I have been putting off updating regarding the process, because there isn’t a whole lot to update at this time, but know that we are STILL planning on adopting! The time line has just been pushed back a bit while I hammer out some details.

4. Stand Still. Stay Strong. Have a VOICE.

It’s hard for me to stand up for myself and to speak my mind, but for 2017 I chose VOICE as my word of the year. With every decision I make, I am reminded of this word and what it means to me to have a say in my life.

I have noticed that I am a much stronger person because of this. I am not as easily intimidated. It has taken a lot of work, and is still a work in progress, but the progress is what’s important.

5. Fertility Awareness Method Explained and Tracking for Health

I gotta admit, I cringed myself when writing this post about the Fertility Awareness Method. Not because I don’t believe in it, but I was nervous of the reactions I would get. It still baffles me that some women are so ignorant about their own bodies. I was once one of them! Learning about my body and it’s functions has empowered me.

Ovulatory Cycle using Kindara for Fertility Awareness Method - Natural Birth Control

6. Mommy Med Spa Day – A Day Of Pampering and Pedicures

I joined Tiffany again for a day of pampering provided by the Rejuvenation Clinic Day Spa, Arkansas’s first med spa. That is a day I would love to re-live. Everything about the Spa was so relaxing, and my pedicure lasted for weeks!

Getting My Pedicure On At Rejuvenation Clinic Day Spa in Little Rock

7. 5 Reasons I Have Body Hair

Things got a little hairy when I shared 5 Reasons I Have Body Hair.

Woman with Armpit Hair - Natural Body Hair

I was surprised at how supportive some of the comments were. I was really expecting to be bombarded with how gross it is.

8. Boy Scout Camp & Disabilities

Both of my boys are in Boy Scouts, and this Summer, they both attended their first week long Boy Scout camp. Because of Losh’s disabilities and his need for assistance, I had to attend with him.
Boy Scout Camp - Camp Rockefeller - 2017

We had so much fun. I had hesitations with going, but looking back, it was a blast. I even learned how to tie a few knots myself.

9. 2016 Popsugar Reading Challenge

My love of reading was shared when I posted about the 2016 Popsugar Reading Challenge. Because of it, I found a few new favorite authors. This year, I did not participate in a reading challenge.

10. Why Being A Single Parent Is Awesome

My kids mean everything to me, and while parenting them alone is a challenge, there is so much to love. I shared some of my favorite things in Why Being A Single Parent Is Awesome.

11. Before You Get 4-H Chickens

My desire to raise chickens for eggs was somewhat fulfilled last year when we raised our first flock of baby chicks.


Spoiler: most of them died, and we ultimately didn’t get a single egg, but learned a lot and are patiently awaiting an egg from our second flock of chickens.

12. Hashimoto’s and Dietary Changes

Sharing my health journey began when I learned that I had Hashimoto’s and started taking medication to treat it. I posted about how I am making dietary changes to help keep this in check…

Thyroid Medication for Hashimoto's Levothyroxine

It’s hard y’all! I’m still struggling with removing gluten from my diet, but have drastically reduced my intake. I don’t notice any difference yet.

So, there you have it.. my 12 favorite posts from the last 12 months. I hope you took the time to view a few of these as you were making your way down the list. Tell me below in the comments…

Which one of these was your favorite?