Get To Know Me + My Personal Reading Challenge

Get To Know Me + My Personal Reading Challenge

Hey guys! It’s me again. But who exactly is the “me” here? I know some of you are new, so I first wanted to say THANK YOU all for reading my blog and following me on this journey through life. I also wanted to reintroduce myself and tell you some fun facts about me before I move onto My Personal Reading Challenge.

Aduke Schulist - Photography at Riverside Park Searcy Arkansas Aduke Schulist at Riverside Park Searcy Arkansas Aduke Schulist Photography at Searcy Arkansas

  • I am Courtney AKA Aduke – the girl behind the blog.
  • I am 32 years old, never married, and live in Central Arkansas.
  • I have 3 children and all of them were born early. I homeschool them.
  • I joined the Mormon church when I was 22 years old.
  • I dream of climbing Mt. Everest and running a 100 mile race – but I haven’t ran much lately due to health problems.
  • I love playing PC games with my kids like Minecraft and Diablo.
  • I love all things girly and glamorous even though I am super casual and will go days at a time without even wearing makeup.
  • I have been a vlogger* for over 4 years and STILL get nervous in front of the camera. *my vlog channel. 
  • I studied Criminal Justice in college and have never used my degree. I am a semi-pro photographer and a full-time content creator.

Now that you know a little more about me, I’d love to learn something new about you. Share something interesting about you in the comments.

Personal Reading Challenge

My Personal Reading Challenge for 2018 by Aduke Schulist - Arkansas Life and Beauty blogger

Moving along, I wanted to discuss my reading challenge for this year. I have participated in reading challenges the past few years and it has helped me find new authors and genres that I probably wouldn’t have read otherwise.

This year I’m doing it a little different. In the past the reading challenges have been long lists containing books to read like a book with a blue cover, a self-help book, a book published in the current year, etc. There’s only 5 things on my list this year:

1. Don’t Finish Bad Books

I am always expecting a bad book to get better and other find myself finishing bad books. This year, if a book sucks I’m letting myself put it away and move on to something that I enjoy more.

2. Find a New Favorite Author

I finished 21 books in January and think I am on to a new favorite author already.

3. Read a New Series

I tend to shy away from series. With that said, I read  CJ Box’s Joe Picket series and really liked it. Dare I say I think I want to read a sci-fi series.

4. Read More about My Hobbies and Career

I read for pleasure and reading to learn things just feels school-ish to me. I usually read short articles online when I want to learn something about either of these. I think there is so much information to be had in book form though, so I want to read more for educational purposes.

5. Read a Classic

We all have our favorites. Classics aren’t one of mine. Because of this, there are so many classics that I have never read. I’d like to read a classic or two or three this year.

Do you set reading goals or participate in reading challenges?
What is something fun/interesting about you?

5 Vloggers Who Inspire Me

5 Vloggers Who Inspire Me

When I started my vlog channel Aduke Schulist (previously known as Life As A Convert), I didn’t realize how big vlogging already was – or just how big it was going to get. Fast forward a few years, and it seems like everybody is a YouTuber. It’s way too easy to get lost in a sea of subscribe buttons, so I’ve picked out 5 of my favorite vloggers who inspire me to share with you.

Once you have subscribed to my YouTube channel, check out these 5 vloggers who inspire me:

Jesus loving, make up guru, Charis, and her handsome husband Jacob, are some of the first Christian YouTubers I came across. I was pleasantly surprised with how open and unapologetic Charis was/is about her religion. She adores Disney and has such a sweet personality. If you like fashion, Jesus, and relationship goals then you will like her channel.

I came across Julien’s channel in the same manner a lot of other people probably did, through Jenna’s, but he is so much more than Jenna’s boyfriend. His videography skills are amazing and his passion for vlogging shows through in each of his vlogs.

Fellow hairy girl, Alyse seems to share a lot of personality traits with myself. She is adventurous with her body and not afraid to step away from what is deemed normal. Her videos focus on her journey to becoming a better her through health and lifestyle choices.

This family is still new to me, but they quickly became one of my favorites. All too often people want to fake their life for YouTube views, but this family keeps it real, shares it all, and invites you to watch along. They are a Mormon family traveling the world with their 9 (yes NINE!) children and also have a heart for adoption.

Past contestant of Canadian Idol, Mikey has been gaining a lot of popularity lately because of his “I Wear Speedos” parody, but his talent has been around YouTube for a while. I found him after one of his acapella songs. His vlogs are just as enjoyable as his singing. He shares uplifting messages and has a contagious optimistic personality.

If the saying “You are who you hang around is true” then I am miserably failing. I am not nearly as cool, or successful, as these vloggers. Then again, these are just some of my favorite internet peoples.

Who are some of your favorite vloggers?