Things Homeschoolers Hate To Hear

Things Homeschoolers Hate to Hear

Things Homeschoolers Hate To Hear

Homeschoolers are constantly being subjected to people’s opinions regarding what they think is best for their children. Not only are homeschoolers constantly told their decision to school at home is wrong, they are also being told repetitive things they get tired of hearing. Here are Things Homeschoolers Hate To Hear:

Things Homeschoolers Hate to Hear

– Are they socialized?

If sitting in a classroom with 20-30 students the same age everyday is being “socialized”, then no. Homeschoolers are spending their time with a wide age range of people, learning how to socialize in real life situations. This is especially cringe worthy when my children were just talking and carrying on a conversation with the person (or their kids) who said it. 

– Are you qualified to teach them?

Are you qualified to help with your children’s homework? As the parent of MY child, yes I am qualified. I am the MOST qualified person to teach my child.

–  I could never do that.

You could. You simply chose something else. 

– You must be patient.

On the contrary, we may lose our patience more than public school teachers. Because we are teaching our own children, homeschool parents are allowed to be a little less patient 😉 

– You have a lot of time on your hands

I wish! Anybody who thinks a parent who stays home and homeschools their children has a lot of time on their hands is sorely mistaken. Homeschooling takes up a lot of our day. All meals are eaten at home which means cooking and cleaning three times a day, and not to mention everything else going on. Homeschoolers are busy! We especially hate when you ask us to watch your kids because “we are home”.   

– How do they make friends?

Easy! Most homeschoolers participate in “extra” activities like 4-H, sports, arts, co-ops, scouts, church groups, and have frequent field trips and play dates. Most areas have active homeschool groups allowing homeschoolers to make lifelong friends (of all ages!).

– Public school is much cheaper

Both are equally expensive. You just have to chose which expensive you want. Public school extra curricular activities usually don’t have the fees that some homeschool activities have, but once you factor in the cost of supplies, uniforms, equipment, etc it evens out.

– My kids go to private school, so they don’t deal with the same negativity problems as public schoolers.

These problems exist in ALL school settings. Just because your kid goes to a private school doesn’t mean they aren’t introduced to negative things.

Next time you catch yourself wanting to utter one of these phrases, think about what you may be implying.

Author: Aduke Schulist

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